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Why I’m Running

Curtain Club SignIt is time to elect someone who is willing to represent the actual needs of the residents. I am someone who will actually listen to the residents and who is willing to speak as their voice with honesty and integrity. My knowledge interest and involvement in municipal politics demonstrate my fitness to render decisions that best represent the interests and well being of Richmond Hill residents while upholding the intent of the City’s Official Plan and Zoning By-laws. 

I was fortunate to have been able to raise my family here in Richmond Hill during a time when people referred to Richmond Hill as “A little north, a little nicer”.  However, during the past decade that unofficial slogan has been tarnished by some councillors behaviours and how they represent our city in a most disappointing way. 

Richmond Hill has seen members on current Council launch multiple lawsuits against the very city they serve; they have also had an unprecedented number of Integrity Commissioner Complaints filed against them.  I, quite frankly, have grown tired of the self-serving, partisan attitudes and behaviours that several of the current council members have brought into council chambers. Richmond Hill residents deserve better. 

From the various boards and committees that I have chaired or participated on during my working and volunteer career, I know how member representatives should conduct themselves so that the interests and well-being of the residents are faithfully observed and addressed on decisions being rendered. 

As noted above, some of the current members on Richmond Hill Council have been making headline news in both local and mainstream media outlets and it is extremely troubling that the reporting of such juvenile and irresponsible behaviours leads to growing cynicism about politicians and politics in general as a mechanism to serve the public. I encourage you to Google current council member names to get a better understanding of the embarrassment they’ve brought to Richmond Hill. Or to save time you could go to the Council Accountability Group – Richmond Hill website where you will find this information in one location.


For the past 4 years, I’ve seen Scott being active in the community in a positive way, getting engaged in the Council public meetings, and informing the residents of the municipal politics in order to improve the quality of lives in Ward 2 and Richmond Hill. He is a known advocate for public safety, equality, and diversity in the Richmond Hill’s community. I believe he is qualified for the position of Ward 2 Councillor, and in that position, he can continue helping the residents of Richmond Hill to the best of his ability.

Majid Zohari Richmond Hill

I've known Scott to be a community minded citizen involved in many important municipal issues. I've been very impressed with his research and presentation skills on local planning matters, where he gives his time freely as a volunteer. Scott is bright, articulate, and open-minded, which are important characteristics in an elected representative. I strongly believe Scott would make an excellent Councillor for Ward 2, Richmond Hill.

Vito Spatafora Former Deputy Mayor and Regional Councillor, Richmond Hill

I have known Scott and his Family for over forty years. Through those years I have watch Scott deal with many, many people; from business colleges and other associates, to friends and Family. And I can say, without hesitation, Scott is EXACTLY the type of person you want representing you at City Hall. He treats all people with honesty, integrity, compassion, and empathy, regardless of their background. He is reliable and responsible, and never makes a decision lightly. If you want someone to make a difference for you at City Hall, you will not find a better candidate than him.

David Govan Golf Professional at Golf Excellence

"I will 100% vote for you, Scott, and will encourage everyone I know to vote as well!"

Janice Codeluppi

Like many others, I have been disappointed in the performance of several members of Council including the current Ward 2 Councillor. We deserve better and I believe it’s time to replace several incumbents in this election. Of the slate of candidates, one stands out and that is Scott Thompson. Scott has served on City committees, he has been engaged and informed with city affairs and most importantly, he cares about our Ward and its residents. Scott will work closely with residents and colleagues on Council. He will restore civility and respect for others as our representative. In October, please vote for Scott Thompson.

Arnie Warner Former Ward 2 Councillor